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planning a bathroom renovation

DIY Bathroom Renovation Dos and Don’ts

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Even though most of us spend less time in the bathroom than in other areas of the home, nobody can deny that it is one of the most important rooms in the house. When your bathroom begins to look outdated or when the plumbing starts giving you trouble, you may realize that it needs an upgrade. Many people will see this challenge as an opportunity to exercise their DIY muscles.

How Hard Is a DIY Bathroom Renovation?

If you have time, patience, and determination, you can accomplish a great deal on your own. Tasks such as designing your layout, setting down tiling, and installing cabinets are reasonably straightforward for enthusiastic DIY-ers. Nevertheless, a successful remodel will depend on your ability to be realistic about your abilities.

Can You Remodel a Bathroom by Yourself?

Many aspects of remodeling a bathroom readily lend themselves to DIY projects. However, some things will require a thorough knowledge of building codes. Others present serious safety risks. As such, many bathroom renovation tasks may be accessible only to licensed professionals. If you are considering renovating your bathroom on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind.

DO Take Time to Plan 

For your bathroom renovation to be successful, you need to begin with the end in mind. Look on home improvement websites across the internet for inspiration. Go to local showrooms to see materials and fixtures in person. Having a sense of what you want your new bathroom to look like will give you a goal to work toward.

Furthermore, you should take exact measurements of your bathroom’s dimensions, as well as the locations of your current water and waste pipes and electrical outlets. Make a drawing to scale that you can take to specialists at the showroom so they can assist you with the design.

Finally, be sure to seek a permit if your remodel will require you to move the drain.

DON’T Forget to Set a Budget

Many DIY-ers make the mistake of winging their projects, only to realize halfway through that they cannot afford to complete their renovation. Make a realistic budget before you begin, and stick to it. Doing so will help you to make decisions about what you want versus what you need. Adding 20 percent to address surprise costs can save you a lot of stress.

DO Plan Your Lighting in Advance

The best bathroom designs include various lighting levels for different tasks, from shaving to showering to relaxing in the bathtub. LED spotlights can help you with tasks such as applying make-up, while strip lighting over a mirror can add style to your ambiance.

DON’T Make It Too Complicated

If you tend to get over-excited about your projects, you might find yourself trying to cram too much into your new-look bathroom. Make sure you have enough space to move around while you are in there. 

DO Plan for Ventilation

The bathroom is usually the greatest source of moisture in any home. If you do not have an adequate ventilation source, you risk cultivating mold and mildew in your new bathroom. If you have an old bathroom fan, upgrading to a newer model can help prevent unwanted moisture buildup. Anti-mold paint on your walls and ceiling can offer good protection as well.

DON’T Opt for the Cheapest Fixtures 

The fixtures and fittings in your bathroom need to withstand daily use. Furthermore, cheap fixtures usually look…well, cheap. Mid-range products often offer quality materials at a reasonable price. Ask an experienced plumber for advice on which suppliers to consider and which ones to avoid.

DO Hire Qualified Plumbers and Electricians 

While it is possible to accomplish a great deal on your own, certain aspects of your bathroom renovation are best left to the professionals. In addition to performing high-quality work in the safest possible way, they will know how to ensure that your plumbing and electrical work comply with the most recent building and plumbing codes. Dealing with rewiring on your own can present serious safety risks.

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