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Get your old doors replaced by our professional team to avoid mistakes and additional expenses. We provide door installation services to keep you safe while enhancing the appeal of your home.

Doors not only keep you safe but enhance the appeal of your home. Door installation may seem like a rather simple task, but there is more to the process - installing a new door isn’t just about removing the old door and replacing it with a new one. If you choose the best quality door for your home yet fail to install it properly, it will prove pointless and end up costing you more. You can change the entire look and feel with patio door installation. Indigo Home & Facility Services deliver expert installation, repair, and handyman services.

Interior Door Installation: What You Need to Know

If you are planning to get rid of a doorway and create more space or you want to install a prehung door, you would have to follow some initial steps. For interior door installation, you would have to locate the screws on the hinges, remove the screws inserted into the frame, remove the door from the frame, and loosen the trim. You would also have to create a small gap using a knife between the door casing and the wall, use a wood block to remove the trim, and remove all the screws left. This is the process in a nutshell:

Considering Pre-Hung & Slab Doors

Interior door installation contractors prefer pre-hung doors. Pre-hung doors contain a complete unit, including the door frame, jamb, and door, whereas slab doors are the basic stripped-down doors without a frame. Slab doors require unnecessary time to fit with the existing frame. Our door installation service ensures that your door swings freely without any noise.

Accurate Positioning

The most significant thing to consider while installing a door is accurate measurement. Inaccurate measurements mean altering the door frame or trimming the door. Hiring a professional for interior & exterior door installation is highly recommended to avoid such mistakes. 

Level the Floor

If the floor isn’t leveled, the door jamb would need trimming. The jamb needs to be placed at a proper height. You can use a shim to level it. Once everything is leveled, the door is placed. After a door installation, our professional team makes sure that your new door performs well.

Trimming & Hardware

In the cleanup process, professionals trim up the exposed shims. After trimming, the hardware including backplates, doorknobs, strike plate, and the lockset is attached. 

Get A Professional Interior Door Installation Service

Old doors shrink and bend over time, so your home renovation project should definitely include an interior French door installation. 

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