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DIY Shower Installation Tips

Transform your bathroom with DIY shower installation. Follow these tips from Austin's Indigo Home & Facility Services for a professional finish. Call (512) 608-4999.

Whether you are planning to sell your house or are making improvements to your forever home, a stand-alone shower can be an excellent investment. In addition to being more space-efficient than bathtubs, they also offer greater ease of access. If you are considering making your new shower a DIY project, take some time to understand the time, energy, and precision required to ensure you can be proud of the end result.

Here are a few things to consider as you plan and execute your shower installation.

Tip 1: Be Prepared

Before you start putting in the shower stall, you will need to measure all three dimensions of your space. Furthermore, you will need to get precise measurements of where the plumbing apparatuses will emerge from the stall so you can transfer them to the new unit. 

You will also need to do a thorough job of removing your old bathtub or shower. Your new installation job will require smooth surfaces, so take care to scrape off all the old caulking. Clean the floor meticulously and ensure it is completely dry. Using a shop vac will remove any remaining debris or water.

Tip 2: Resolve Any Plumbing Issues 

With your old unit out of the way, you can take this opportunity to fix any plumbing issues, such as leaky pipes or low water pressure. You might be able to patch minor leaks yourself, but major problems will require the assistance of a professional plumber. Also, if any plumbing changes require moving your drain, you must apply for a permit. If you do not, you might have a problem with your home inspection when you try to sell. 

Tip 3: Don’t Forget to Waterproof

Wait until your floor has dried completely before proceeding with your new installation to avoid the risk of rot or mold. When you are certain that no moisture remains, apply waterproofing panels to your walls. After attaching them with nails or screws, seal the crevices between them with caulk. Any gaps or cracks will collect water, leading to potentially serious issues later. 

Tip 4: Direct the Slope Toward the Drain

Many novice DIY-ers fail to understand the importance of the slope of the shower pan. Once you have waterproofed your floor using mortar, make sure that the shower pan fits on top of it in a way that will allow water to move toward the drain. While this step might sound obvious, it can present more challenges than you realize. Even if you feel confident about the rest of the installation process, hiring a professional might be the best way to ensure that your shower has the correct slope.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower?

The cost of your shower installation will depend on factors unique to your situation. While a shower kit can be relatively inexpensive, your costs might increase if you encounter plumbing issues or structural problems you need to address before installation can begin. 

Furthermore, the cost of installation is not just about how much money you spend. A basic shower might be quick and easy, but you may feel underwhelmed by the end result. More impressive shower units with greater functionality can take a lot of time to research, plan, and execute. 

Can I Install a Shower Myself?

While DIY-ers with time, patience, and a willingness to learn might be able to complete a basic shower installation. However, when you imagine the type of shower you would like to install, you should ask yourself whether the project's complexity is within your capacity to execute. This question becomes particularly pertinent if you need to move the location of your shower, as this will require changes to the plumbing. Such situations often necessitate the assistance of a licensed plumbing professional.

If you are committed to installing the shower yourself but are unsure about some aspects of the project, you may wish to consider a compromise. You can always hire a professional for certain stages of the installation and do the other parts yourself. This can give you both the pride of accomplishment and the assurance that the job meets the high standards you deserve.

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